About Me

I am Madhumathi. 
Welcome to my blogging space.

I was born and brought up in a small town Chidambaram, which is in southern part of India. Raised in a vegetarian Tamil family, my food habit is predominantly vegetarian. But that doesn't mean I do not taste meat when I have to :)

Fascination for food started at a very early stage of my life. I have never hesitated to explore different types of food even in my childhood. As a teenager I encountered the kitchen and started to learn cooking from my Paati(grandmother).
This blog was started in 2008, after my under-graduation. My sheer passion for food resulted in the form of sharing recipes and exchanging ideas. 

Later in the year 2010, I left to the states for my post graduation where I took up photography seriously and bought my first DSLR. I am using a Canon rebel T3i and predominantly use my 50 mm f1.2 prime lens. At times, I will use my wide angle 17-40mm f4 lens. 

Thanks for visiting my space. Feel free to contact me with comments or questions- I love to talk about food, food history, travel, photography and fun DIY projects :)

Have a lovely day!